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X311 Vacancies at Department of Social Development


The Gauteng Department of Social Development welcomes contender to apply for X311 Vacancies at

Department of Social Development

Shutting date: 17 November 2023

Areas: Gauteng, South Africa

X311 Vacancies at Department of Social Development

ABOUT THE Division

The Division’s essential result orientated objectives are to give: backing to center business in delivering compelling and productive administrations; proficient and successful coordinated formative social government assistance administrations to support beneficiaries, focussing on youngsters, the adolescent, more seasoned people, people with handicaps, and ladies; and proficient, viable enemy of neediness local area mediations, youth improvement and ladies strengthening administrations to recipients advancing maintainable occupations.

Rundown of Accessible Work Opportunities:

Feasible Work (192 posts):

  • Associate People group Dev Professional (175 posts)
  • Local area Improvement Specialist (15 posts)
  • Senior Administrator Official: (Hostile to Neediness) (2 posts)

Foundations (82 posts):

  • Nursing Colleague (50 posts)
  • Staff Medical caretaker (10 posts)
  • Proficient Attendant (22 posts)

HIV/Helps (28 posts):

  • Social Specialist (13 posts)
  • Senior Administrator Official: EPWP (5 posts)
  • Information Captors EPWP and HIV (8 posts)

Social Work Strategy Designer (1 post)

Collaborator Chief: (EPWP) (1 post)

Inside Control (3 posts):

  • Senior Administrator Official: Inside Control (3 posts)

Assistant Administrations (6 posts):

  • Snr Administrator Official: Security Property and Ohs (1 post)
  • Senior Administrator Official: Armada (1 post)
  • Transport Agent (3 posts)
  • Authoritative Official (Transport) (1 post)

The most effective method to apply:

Enquiries: ST Mmakola at 011 227 0250.

Significant Notes:

  • The Division maintains whatever authority is needed to fill or not fill the positions.
  • On the off chance that you have not been reached inside three (90 days) after the end date, consider your application fruitless.
  • The choice and arrangement of applicants are dependent upon positive verifying and confirmation necessities as per government strategy and systems.

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