Submit Your Cv sassa SASSA payment dates for May 2024

SASSA payment dates for May 2024

SASSA payment dates for May 2024


South African Government backed retirement Organization (SASSA) have reported Installment dates for May 2024. On the off chance that you depend on friendly awards, you should know when to anticipate your award.

The South African Federal retirement aide Office (Sassa) appropriates social awards to in excess of 18 million individuals consistently. How much cash got by recipients of long-lasting awards expanded in April and will stay set up during May.

SASSA payment dates for May 2024

As a recipient you can now see the installment status and the installment date for every one of the Sassa awards on the authority Sassa site by adding your ID number. The installment timetable will show the specific dates for the award installment from May 2024 onwards.

More established People Award – 3 May 2024
Incapacity Awards – 6 May 2024
Kids’ Awards – 7 May 2024

The R350 award payment for May 2024 will likewise be paid. Beneficiaries can now anticipate the award endorsements somewhat recently of every month.

Sassa awards are paid at the Mailing station on these dates. On the other hand, award recipients can gather their cash at a few retail locations including Pick N Pay, Fighter, Usave, Shoprite and Checkers.

Recipients can likewise decide to have the award paid straightforwardly to their financial balance. This is an alluring choice for some recipients as it permits them to get to their assets whenever.

Check your sassa award status here

For any further inquiries, kindly contact SASSA straightforwardly:

Contact the SASSA Complementary Call community on: 0800 60 10 11
Contact the SASSA Administrative center on: 012 400 2322
Email SASSA Administrative center at:

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Youngster care and advanced age awards keep on getting most of government spending, with the state anticipating an expansion in recipients throughout the following three years.

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