Submit Your Cv Cleaner,JOBS Rand Water is selecting Constantly Quick Cleaners

Rand Water is selecting Constantly Quick Cleaners

Rand Water is selecting Constantly Quick Cleaners


Rand Water is at present selecting Constantly Quick Cleaners (X6 Stable situations).

Shutting date: 22 April 2024

Area: Gauteng, South Africa

Rand Water is selecting Constantly Quick Cleaners

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Work Synopsis: To keep up with successful cleaning of workplaces, studio, plant, bathing offices, clearing and around the structure.

Least Prerequisites

  • Grade 12
  • 1year pertinent cleaning experience.
  • Fundamental PC education
  • Fundamental information on stock attaching


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Essential Obligations

  • Visit all bathing and shower room two times everyday for cleaning, guarantee the arrangement of adequate cleanser, bathroom tissues, hand rolls, deodorizers and SHE bundle.
  • Report any wrongdoing or harms to the structure or expulsion of furniture to boss.
  • Clear cleared regions around and outside building room, studios, plantrooms, generator room and ablutions.
  • Clean and clear stopping region stages and access to the structure.
  • Guarantee everyday cleaning of passageways and within meeting rooms, and administration of dustbins.
  • Getting papers and soil on the ground and on garden
  • Use cleaning synthetics as per indicated guidance.
  • Cleaning of handrails and flight of stairs.
  • Cleaning inside windows 3m level, microwaves, and ice chests.
  • Wrapping of walls.
  • Cleaning of entryway handles apply with metal.
  • Vacuum of workplaces and open arrangement.
  • Help with moving of furniture when mentioned.
  • Plan reject pack to be gathered by specialist organization.
  • Tidying of work area, pantry, seats, furniture the two workplaces and open arrangement.
  • Cleaning of rooftop, sun powered charger, and the board stopping week after week.

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