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We are right now looking for a unique General Factory Worker between the ages of 20 to 24 to join our group. The ideal up-and-comer ought to have a youthful and enthusiastic soul, combined with a specialized foundation to succeed in this job.

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As an General Factory Worker, your functioning hours will be from Monday to Thursday, beginning from 07h00 and finishing at 16h30, while on Fridays, you will work from 07h00 to 15h00. We comprehend the significance of keeping a sound balance between fun and serious activities, and in that capacity, ends of the week and public occasions will be yours to appreciate.

The compensation for this position will be talked about during the screening, and we offer serious compensation bundles that are proportionate with experience and capabilities.

General Factory Worker, To be considered for this position, you should have your own vehicle and have a substantial driver’s permit. Our organization is situated in Stream Park, Boksburg, a clamoring modern region that offers helpful admittance to significant vehicle courses.

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Assuming you meet the above necessities and are keen on this intriguing an open door, if it’s not too much trouble, email your CV to We anticipate hearing from you and possibly inviting you to our group.

General Factory Worker obligations

General Factory Worker are liable for different obligations in an assembling setting. These obligations can go from working apparatus and collecting items to keeping up with hardware and guaranteeing security conventions are followed.

One of the critical obligations of an overall assembly line laborer is working hardware. This can incorporate setting up, keeping up with, and investigating machines to guarantee they are running appropriately and creating excellent items. Laborers should likewise have the option to distinguish and determine any issues that might emerge during creation, like sticks or breakdowns.

As well as working apparatus, general assembly line laborers are many times answerable for collecting items. This can include utilizing hand devices and other gear to assemble parts and guarantee that they are collected accurately. Laborers should likewise have the option to adhere to directions and work rapidly and proficiently to meet creation shares.

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One more significant obligation of an overall assembly line laborer is keeping up with gear. This can incorporate directing routine upkeep errands, like cleaning and greasing up apparatus, as well as performing fixes when vital. Laborers should likewise have the option to keep itemized records of upkeep and fixes to guarantee that hardware is dependably all ready.

At last, General Factory Worker should likewise be cautious about wellbeing. This includes following all wellbeing conventions and guidelines, for example, wearing defensive stuff and detailing any risks or episodes that happen at work. Laborers should likewise have the option to distinguish potential dangers and do whatever it takes to keep mishaps from happening.

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By and large, the obligations of an General Factory Worker are shifted and require many abilities. These specialists should have the option to work apparatus, collect items, keep up with gear, and guarantee security consistently. Thusly, they assume a fundamental part in the assembling system and assist with guaranteeing that items are created productively and to the best expectations of value.

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