Submit Your Cv Internship & Learnership,learnership Transnet Learner Train Aide Program 2024

Transnet Learner Train Aide Program 2024

Learner Train Aide Program

Transnet welcomes jobless South African youth to apply for Learner Train Aide Program 2024.

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Shutting Date: Not determined

Area: Ogies, Mpumalanga

Transnet Learner Train Aide Program 2024

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Capabilities and Experience

Instructive necessities 1. Grade 12 with unadulterated Math as well as Actual Science Different necessities 2. Be ready to go through intermittent clinical reconnaissance and wellbeing conduct risk evaluations during the choice interaction and at regular intervals. 3. Actual hearing, vision, mental, wellness (to be confirmed through clinical trials and related security social gamble appraisals) 4. The administrator will not permit representatives more youthful than 21 years old to attempt train driver or train control obligations. (SANS 3000, standard The accompanying least Learner pre-essential: 1. The up-and-comer ought to be at least 1.6m tall. 2. Psychomotor capacity (to be evaluated through Vienna Testing Framework (VTS) standard) 3. Capacity to convey weighty articles Utilitarian Preparation 1. Be ready to effectively go through Train Partner obligations (hypothetical and functional) in order to be ensured to work freely as a Train Colleague. 2. Be willing, ready and competent to get a Train Colleague obligations endorsement (hypothetical and viable) effectively and be ensured to work freely as Train Right hand.


Information: 1. Different correspondence frameworks 2. Warehouse format 3. Train classes 4. Train gear 5. Course/street 6. Areas/stations and sidings 7. Marking on the job methods 8. Train working standards 9. Trip report 10. Yard and siding format 11. Information on broad TFR approaches 12. Shunting methodology 13. Train classes and their pulling limits, imperatives on the specific domain 14. Wellbeing and Security Act 85 15. Emergency treatment 16. Fundamental states of business act (BCEA) 17. SANS 3004 (Human elements) 18. HC approaches and systems 19. Train administration/ITP 20. Train functions 21. Substance Misuse strategy and techniques Ascribes 1. Stress dealing with 2. Self-administration 3. Security cognizant 4. Reliable 5. Ready to work shifts 6. Results orientated Abilities 1. Train coupling and uncoupling 2. Train planning (Electrical and Diesel) 3. Train Corralling 4. Perception 5. Shunting development 6. Train dealing with abilities 7. Time usage 8. Stress dealing with 9. Evaluation 10. Proficiency 11. Correspondence 12. Judgment 13. Thinking ’14. Psychomotor abilities (responses/coordination) 15. Fixation 16. Perception 17. Spatial 18. Profundity insight psychomotor 19. Mathematical 20. Train/train dealing with and planning 21. Critical thinking 22. Electrical and diesel train driving

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