Submit Your Cv GOVERNMENT JOBS Data Capturer Positions EPWP (X39 POSTS) – SEND CV

Data Capturer Positions EPWP (X39 POSTS) – SEND CV

EPWP Data Capturer Positions


In today’s competitive job market, securing a position that aligns with one’s skills and aspirations is essential. The Extended Public Works Programme (EPWP) offers a significant opportunity for individuals seeking employment as Data Capturer Positions. In this article, we delve into the details of these roles, highlighting the application process and emphasizing how you can stand out as a candidate.

EPWP Data Capturer Positions

Understanding the EPWP Initiative

The Extended Public Works Programme (EPWP) is a vital government initiative designed to alleviate poverty and unemployment in South Africa. One of the crucial components of the EPWP is the creation of job opportunities across various sectors, including data capturing positions. Data Capturer Positions

Data Capturer Positions: An Overview

Data capturing is an integral role in today’s data-driven world. Data capturers are responsible for accurately inputting and managing data into computer systems. The EPWP provides an excellent opportunity for individuals to work as data capturers, contributing to the growth and efficiency of various organizations. Data Capturer Positions

The Application Process – Data Capturer Positions

1. Research the EPWP Data Capturer Vacancies

To initiate the application process, thoroughly research EPWP data capturer vacancies. Visit the official EPWP website or reliable job portals to find the latest openings.

2. Prepare a Comprehensive CV

Craft a well-structured CV that highlights your relevant skills, experience, and educational background. Tailor your CV to showcase how your qualifications align with the requirements of the data capturer role.

3. Submit Your Application

Submit your CV and application through the prescribed channels mentioned in the job posting. Ensure that you adhere to all application instructions and deadlines. Data Capturer Positions

4. Prepare for Interviews

If shortlisted, prepare for interviews by familiarizing yourself with common data capturing tasks, industry-specific software, and best practices. Showcase your enthusiasm and willingness to contribute to the EPWP initiative. Data Capturer Positions

Standing Out as a Candidate

To excel as a candidate for EPWP data capturer positions, consider implementing the following strategies:

  • Demonstrate Attention to Detail: Highlight your meticulousness and ability to accurately input and manage data, emphasizing how this skill will benefit the employing organization.
  • Showcase Technological Proficiency: Illustrate your proficiency in relevant data capturing software and technologies. Mention any certifications or training that bolster your qualifications.
  • Express Enthusiasm for the EPWP Initiative: Convey your passion for contributing to the EPWP initiative’s goals and explain how your role as a data capturer aligns with the program’s objectives.


The EPWP presents a valuable opportunity for individuals seeking employment as data capturers. By understanding the application process and effectively showcasing your qualifications, you can position yourself as a strong candidate for these coveted roles. Embrace the chance to contribute to this impactful initiative and advance your career in the data capturing field.

For more data, kindly contact the applicable people in your area, as follows:

Mpumalanga: Ms. Nomfundo Masuku and Fortunate Mangena Tel: 013 753 3695
Limpopo: Mr. Oscar Masilana and Samuel Makhuvele, Tel: 015 291 5526
North West: Ms. Sarah Komane, Tel: 018 381 8022
Pretoria DFFE – Administrative center: Ms. Gail Ramutshila, 012 339 8744 and Tondani Kone, 012 399 8938.
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EPWP Information Captor position
Albeit the business has the choice to broaden the agreement, it isn’t required. In the event that you get no correspondence inside one (01) month of the gig promotion’s end date, if it’s not too much trouble, comprehend that your application was not effective.


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